Online Music Lessons

There are many advantages to music lessons online:

  • Your location doesn’t matter – I can teach anyone, anywhere in the world*. Your lessons can be taken from anywhere, even a hotel room while you’re traveling.

  • They are easy to fit around your busy performing or work schedule.

  • If at home, you can work in your usual practice environment.

  • Zero travel time! You need no longer worry about traffic or bad weather.

  • Warm up immediately before the lesson; practise new ideas immediately afterward.

  • No chance of catching a cold from other students in the winter months!

There is of course latency in any online connection. It is enough to make simultaneous performance impossible (e.g. if a student is singing and I am accompanying them) but not enough to get in the way of singing exercises or normal conversation. It is fairly straightforward to arrange for accompaniment to happen at the student’s end to avoid this difficulty.

It is strongly recommended that headphones be used at both ends of the call, to avoid interruptions in sound when both parties are speaking or singing. The “On-Ear” type are optimal, but any set of headphones or even high quality earbuds can be made to work.

*In the seven years I have been teaching exclusively online, I can count on one hand the number of sessions that have been abandoned due to connection problems. I have taught people in Australia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, England, Ireland, Poland and Mexico in addition to the US and Canada. Anywhere on the planet with a good broadband connection is fine.

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