Online Music Lessons

There are many advantages to music lessons online:

  • Your location doesn’t matter – I can teach anyone, anywhere in the world*. Your lessons can be taken from anywhere, even a hotel room while you’re traveling.

  • They are easy to fit around your busy performing or work schedule.

  • If at home, you can work in your usual practice environment.

  • Zero travel time! You need no longer worry about traffic or bad weather.

  • Warm up immediately before the lesson; practise new ideas immediately afterward.

  • No chance of catching a cold from other students in the winter months!

*In the five years I have been teaching exclusively online, I can count on one hand the number of sessions that have been abandoned due to connection problems. I have taught people in Australia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, England, Ireland, Poland and Mexico in addition to the US and Canada. Anywhere on the planet with a good broadband connection is fine.

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