Online Singing Lessons

Paul Mason A.R.C.T.

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Online Singing Lessons with Paul Mason A.R.C.T.

You’re serious about your singing

You may be:

  • An adult with no previous training who loves to sing and wants to take it to the next level.
  • A choir or music theater chorus member who wants to become a soloist.
  • Someone contemplating an advanced exam or audition.
  • A professional actor or dancer who wants to become a double or triple threat.
  • A professional singer seeking greater ease of production and quality of timbre – perhaps even pedagogical skills.

Whatever your situation, I’ve helped many people just like you and I love doing it!

Contact me and let’s discuss where you are in your development as a singer and where you want to be.


“Paul helped me discover the voice I never knew existed.” Liz L., Beginner

“I finally understand the mechanics of voice production.” Charlie S., Tenor

“Paul’s style of teaching has given me confidence.” Lauren E., Mezzo

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